[Information] LEMONCHAIN’s Main Technology — HBN Introduction

3 min readDec 26, 2022
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Hello. This is the LEMONCHAIN team.

The core of the LEMONCHAIN project


The main goal of HBN, a technology in LEMONCHAIN oriented toward MEDICAL WEB 3.0, is to complete the personal healthcare data trading platform.

However, tracking every single individual’s medical data is not easy.

Therefore, the team of the LEMONCHAIN project inserted HBN in four stages to complete the personal healthcare data trading platform.

We planned to approach step by step to create and demonstrate a certain USE CASE in the healthcare blockchain business, and HBN 1.0 Aceso is scheduled to start in 2023.

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HBN 1.0 Aceso — Systematic

The feature of HBN 1.0 is the function that works with the first DApp of the LEMONCHAIN, “ChungGu-Ui-Shin: All Mighty Reimbursement.”

“ChungGu-Ui-Shin: All Mighty Reimbursement” will be double-checked with the blockchain to determine whether precious individual medical data from hospitals to insurance companies is being transferred as requested by the individuals or abused.

Ever since the Internet became an essential technology, problems with personal information leaks have continued to occur.

Companies control and manage the majority of this data, and it is their responsibility to properly store it; however, when an information leak occurs, the user is responsible for all damage.

HBN 1.0 Aceso wants to store medical data transmission records in the HBN blockchain to prevent the following problems.


HBN 1.0 Aceso — Systematic Burn

HBN 1.0 calculates the actual number of billing records and the burn ratio of users who use “ChungGu-Ui-Shin: All Mighty Reimbursement” and performs a systematic burn.

The systematic burn will be carried out sequentially according to the procedure.

In 2022, “ChungGu-Ui-Shin: All Mighty Reimbursement” had 710,000 cumulative subscribers and about 1.3 million cumulative claims.

Based on this data, the burn ratio and speed will be determined.

The amount of LEMCs to be burned in 2023 will be done in stages, with approximately 500 million LEMCs applied to HBN 1.0 Aceso in the first order.

HBN 1.0 Aceso — Launch

HBN 1.0 is expected to launch in the first half of 2023.

Details will be released before the start of the first half of the year.

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