[Main Ecosystem News] Lemon Chain-Life Festa Signs up MOU to Build the Smart Medical Metaverse Platform.

2 min readJul 11, 2022


Lemon Chain announced they had signed an MOU with Life Festa to establish an smart medical metaverse platform.

Lemon Chain and Life Festa

According to this agreement, the two organizations are working together to build a “smart medical metaverse platform” as follows:

1. Collaboration to virtualize lemon chain and cooperative hospitals and build metaverse hospitals.

2. Research on personalized healthcare services using AR and location-based technology.

3. Cooperation in research on strengthening the use of blockchain-based medical data.

Kwon Ki-Wook, CEO of Lemon Chain, said, “With Life Festa, the ecosystem of Lemon Chain will expand wider, and the establishment of smart medical metaverse will increase the use of medical data and user convenience.”

Shin Jae-won, CEO of Lemon Chain, who led the MOU, said, “It will be a big foundation for establishing an ecosystem that Lemon Chain will build.”

Shin Jae-Chan, CEO of Life Festa, said, “The establishment of the smart medical system will be an example of how metaverse will be helpful in real life. Thus, it will be beyond one-dimensional communication exchanges on the metaverse platform” and “It is an opportunity to use medical data with enhanced security with blockchain technology efficiently.”

Source- https://www.itbiznews.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=73931