[Main Ecosystem News] Lemon Healthcare, ‘2022 Top 10 startups’ issued by “Startup City”

2 min readJul 21, 2022


The healthcare data two-way platform company Lemon Healthcare (CEO Hong Byung-jin) announced on the 18th that Lemon Healthcare was the only digital healthcare sector among the ‘2022 Top 10 startups’ issued by “Startup City” magazine APAC Special, an IT-related startup media, on July 6.

Startup City, which selected Lemon Healthcare as the top 10 startups, is located in Florida, United States. Based on a global network of venture capital, companies, and angel investor groups, it provides information on startup growth and investment through online and offline magazines, newsletters, and conferences.

Startup City introduced Lemon Healthcare as “A startup that drawing attention to its technology and growth potential by providing digital healthcare solutions that solve patient medical barriers.” The company explained that Lemon Healthcare was graded high for providing next-generation digital healthcare growth momentum like supporting the establishment of a Healthcare Blockchain Network (HBN) for the domestic medical data utilization ecosystem and implementing the S2E (Service to Earn) system in the loss insurance simple billing app “God of Claim.”

In partnership with 110 advanced hospitals and general hospitals in Korea, including Seoul National University Hospital and Yonsei Severance Hospital, Lemon Healthcare provides △ medical reservation △ medical ticket issuance △ medical fee notification talk, and mobile payment △ electronic prescription pharmacy insurance. In particular, “God of Claim,” which can easily claim loss insurance and issue certificates on mobile without documents, can easily claim insurance by taking pictures of claims such as hospitalization, surgery, and medicine prices and uploading them to the app. Lemon Healthcare recently introduced a blockchain system in “God of Claims” to increase security and transparency in using and managing personal medical data.

Hong Byung-jin, CEO of Lemon Healthcare said, “We will further advance personal medical data technology by combining IT technologies such as AI(artificial intelligence) and blockchain, and establish ourselves as a leader in the digital healthcare market by introducing customized healthcare services for each patient.”

Source- https://zdnet.co.kr/view/?no=20220718093055