[Main Ecosystem News] Lemon Healthcare Introduces Blockchain Solutions for Safe Use of Medical Information

2 min readJul 4, 2022


Lemon Healthcare has introduced a healthcare blockchain solution to utilize medical data safely.

Lemon Healthcare, a healthcare data two-way platform company, announced on the 4th that it had introduced a blockchain solution, “Lemon Chain” to provide safe and reliable digital healthcare services.

Image courtesy = Lemon Healthcare

“Lemon Chain” is a blockchain-based solution that can safely store, store, and utilize various medical data by establishing a healthcare blockchain network (HBN). Lemon Healthcare plans to use this to expand and apply the blockchain base to personal health records (PHRs), health data (PGHD), life-log data (life-log data), biometric data, and genetic data.

HBN is an advanced medical ecosystem system that allows medical institutions and patients to freely access and utilize healthcare data in both directions, prevent forgery of personal records through blockchain technology, and can be used in the medical industry by non-identification processing (blockchain).

Lemon Healthcare is a blockchain-based DApp (Decentralized Application) and first applied the Lemon Chain solution to the ‘God of Claim’ platform. “God of Claim” has implemented an S2E (Service To Earn) system that allows users to receive rewards such as customized healthcare services when using the data. At the same time, blockchain personalized health record (PHR) data is generated through the app.

Lemon Healthcare CEO Hong Byung-jin said, “The key of the Lemon Chain is to ease the asymmetry of medical information by allowing the medical data to be patient-centered (decentralized) and to be able to use accurate medical information abroad.”

Source- http://digitalchosun.dizzo.com/