[Main Ecosystem News] Lemon Healthcare’s Re-Challenge for IPO “Sales Will Threefold This Year”

2 min readJun 8, 2022


Smart Healthcare Mobile Applications for medical appointments and data storage. It is connected to “Top 5” hospitals and “33” plus locations.

“Automation in healthcare data transmission, such as electronic prescription to pharmacies.”

CEO Hong Byung-Jin expects, “Next year, Lemon Healthcare will knock on KOSDAQ to mark top health solutions.

CEO_Hong Byung-Jin

The application can make hospital appointments and check on treatment dates. Then, as the patient arrives at the hospital, hospitals can track the user’s location and guide them to the proper clinic departments. After the treatment, patients can withdraw a waiting ticket and pay for the treatments through the app without waiting at the counter. A one-stop service, users will be able to send electronic prescriptions to the pharmacy through the app and receive the prescribed medicine immediately.

This innovative one-stop healthcare system is run by “LemonCare,” a mobile innovative hospital platform developed by Lemon Healthcare. Hong Byung-jin, CEO of Lemon Healthcare, says that “We will triple our sales this year compared to last year. We will start preparing for IPO in the second half of the year and be listed on the KOSDAQ market by next year.”

“100% linked to a high-level general hospital.”

Lemon Care is a platform that allows you to make hospital appointments, make simple payments for medical expenses, electronic issue receipts, automatically send electronic prescriptions to pharmacies, and claim loss insurance. A single app can solve every patient’s process in the hospital. Medical staff can also use this platform. Through the medical staff app “Lemon Care Plus” linked to the Hospital Information System (HIS), patient management, treatment and prescription, and surgery schedule adjustment help escalate the hospital’s operation system as well.

Source: https://www.hankyung.com/it/article/2022060166971