[Main Ecosystem News] Lemon Healthcare’s “Indemnity insurance claim app surpassed 500,000 claims”

2 min readAug 3, 2022


The number of insurance claims and users utilizing the convenient claim app, “ChungGu-ui-Shin: All Mighty Reimbursement” had a significant increase with the expansion in the use of mobile apps.

On August 2nd, Lemon Healthcare (CEO, Hong Byung-jin) announced that the number of claims for indemnity insurance on “ChungGu-ui-Shin: All Mighty Reimbursement” app exceeded over 500,000 in July. This is a 432% increase compared to the same period last year.

The last year’s monthly figure of 8,000 cases has increased by 10 times allowing this year’s figure to reach 80,000. This year’s annual number of claims is expected to reach 1 million as the development rate is accelerating.

According to Lemon Healthcare, if the “ChungGu-ui-Shin: All Mighty Reimbursement,” which accumulated 500,000 downloads end of last June, sustains the current growth, it will accelerate the number of mobile insurance claims further expecting to reach 1.2 million downloads by end of this year.

“ChungGu-ui-Shin: All Mighty Reimbursement” is a mobile-based app that can manage claims for indemnity insurance and issuance of medical certificates without official documents that are required for insurance claims. It is possible to claim indemnity insurance without submitting additional documents while only holding medical records. It has partnerships with 44 specialty and general hospitals, including Seoul National University Hospital and Yonsei University Severance Hospital.

Any unclaimed medical records over the past three years can be inspected collectively at affiliated hospitals. Other numerous unclaimed medical records can also be easily inspected to earn previously unknown insurance money.

According to Lemon Healthcare, “Because of ‘Covid-19’, the culture of using smart-hospital is rapidly spreading due to the rise in awareness of digital healthcare.” Additionally, “the culture of preferring convenient insurance processing via apps has settled among patients and consumers.”


Source- https://zdnet.co.kr/view/?no=20220718093055